Types of surf classes

Group Classes

This is a great way to get out on the waves if you’ve never surfed before. Instructors will teach you about the theory of surfing, the board, equipment, and how to stay safe in the water. They will also teach you about the ocean, the tides, currents, and different types of waves. Each class has a maximum of 10 people and there is always 1 instructor per 2 students. Classes last 2 hours and will be tailored to the experience level of the individual.

Class times vary depending on the tides and wave height, but they usually begin around 8 and end at 10am or go from 3.30 to 5.30 in the afternoon.

Semi-private Classes

This type of class is perfect for people who prefer learning in smaller groups. Semi-private classes are for 2 people at most. Depending on the students, the instructor may review the mechanics of surfing and water safety.

Times for semi-private classes vary. Please discuss at the time of reservation.

Private Classes

This class is designed for those wishing to gain a deeper knowledge of advanced surf techniques. Private classes are 1 to 1. These classes are recommended for keen beginners and intermediate surfers who would like to learn quickly, and understand the sport more profoundly.

Times for private classes vary. Please discuss at the time of reservation.

Surf Guided Classes

Students booking surf guided classes should be confident surfers. Classes are private. Instructors will take students to local, out of the way, surf spots that offer waves appropriate for the individual. Instructors will take their own boards, but will spot students in order to improve their technique and adaptability to different types of waves.

Times for surf guided classes vary. Please discuss at the time of reservation.


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Your surf lessons include

• Transportation to/from beach
• Lycra/rash vest
• Wax
• Leash
• Surfboard according to your experience/level

We provide top-quality and safe equipment for our surf classes. We offer various sizes and types of boards (long boards, fun boards and short boards) to cater to different levels of ability/height and weight.


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